Adobe Experience Design now supports layers in Windows 10

Adobe Experience Design  now supports layers in Windows 10. The company is finally bringing support for layers to the Adobe XD app in Windows 10 with the May release, but don’t get too excited. At the moment, you can only the basic features with layers — you can group things, copy/paste layers, and more. But the catch? Well, it doesn’t let you control the z-order of the layers and elements just yet which is a pretty big deal breaker.

There are a number of other new features in the latest update, including the ability to update shared prototypes, export artboards as PDFs, and the ability to copy/paste elements files from the File Explorer right into Adobe XD. Another new feature on Adobe XD is the ability copy an element with its interaction which means when you copy an element from the Prototype tab, it’ll keep its interaction automatically when you paste it somewhere else.

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