Azure AD conditional access: macOS support and two more features now generally available

Azure AD conditional access: macOS support and two more features now generally available.

  1. Support for macOS device-based conditional access;
  2. Application-based conditional access for limiting access to managed apps with in-app controls for iOS and Android;
  3. The ‘Devices’ blade in Azure AD in Azure portal.

macOS as platform for device-based conditional access

With macOS conditional access you have the ability to:

  • Enroll and manage macOS devices using Intune
  • Ensure macOS devices adhere to your organization’s compliance policies defined in Intune
  • Restrict access to applications in Azure AD to only compliant macOS devices

What’s new

Chrome as a supported browser: In public preview, we started with supporting only the Safari browser. With general availability, we’re extending support for device-based conditional access to Chrome on macOS.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is now a supported application, in addition to the applications supported during the public preview of conditional access for macOS.

An improved Intune Company Portal: The Intune Company Portal on macOS has an updated experience, which has been optimized to cleanly display all the information and compliance notifications your users need for all the devices they have enrolled. And, once the Intune Company Portal has been deployed to a device, Microsoft AutoUpdate for macOS will provide updates to it.

Note: Updating from the preview version of the Company Portal will not require users to re-enroll into Intune.

Application-based conditional access for iOS and Android in the Azure portal

Intune App Protection policies are used to configure and protect company data on these client applications. You also get the flexibility to protect data for both personal and company devices by combining app-based conditional access policies with a device-based policy.

‘Devices’ blade in Azure AD in Azure portal

With this last feature, you’re now able to find all your devices and device-related activities in one place: a new blade for management of device identities in the Azure portal. In this new blade, you can:

  1. View all your devices that are available for conditional access in Azure AD
  2. View properties, including your Hybrid Azure AD-joined devices
  3. Find BitLocker keys for your Azure AD-joined devices, manage your device with Intune and more
  4. Manage Azure AD device-related settings

Read more about new Azure AD Conditional access update here.

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