Azure Event Grid, a fully-managed event routing service

Microsoft announced Azure Event Grid, a fully managed event routing service. With new service developers can subscribe to any event that is happening across their Azure resources and react using serverless platforms. Create custom events and publish they directly to the service. Also, Event Grid allows custom web hooks and even 3rd-party services outside of Azure.

Details of Event Grid:

  • Events as first-class objects with intelligent filtering: Direct event filtering using event type, prefix or suffix.
  • Built to scale: handle massive scale dynamically, ensuring consistent performance and reliability for critical services.
  • Opens new serverless possibilities: Enables event-based scenarios to span new services with ease, increasing the possibilities for serverless applications.
  • Lowers barriers to ops automation: Easier policy enforcement with built-in support for Azure Automation to react to VM creations or infrastructure changes.

The first 100,000 operations per month are free, beyond 100,000 pricing is $0.30 per million operations (per-operation billing) during the preview. Learn more about Azure Event Grid here.

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