Azure Monitor for containers reach General Availability

Azure Monitor for containers reach General Availability.

Multi-cluster view – The multi-cluster view discovers all AKS clusters across subscriptions, resource group, and workspaces, and provides you a health roll up view. You can even discover clusters that aren’t being monitored and with just few clicks start monitoring them.

Drill down further into AKS cluster with Performance Grid view – To investigate further, you can drill down to performance grid view that shows the health and performance of your nodes, controllers, and containers. From the node view tab, you can easily spot the noisy neighbor issue on the pod and drill further to see the controller it is part of. You can further see the controller limits, request setting, and actual usage to determine if you have configured your controller correctly. You can continue investigating by looking at the Kubernetes event logs associated to that controller.

Live debugging – With live logs you get a real time, live stream of your container logs directly in your Azure portal. You can pause the live stream and search within the log file for errors or issues. Unlike the Azure Monitor logs, the live stream data is ephemeral and is meant for real time troubleshooting.

Onboarding – In addition to the Azure portal added more ways to automate onboarding Azure Monitor for containers.

  • Azure CLI and ARM template – With the add-on option you can onboard Azure Monitor for containers with a single command. The command will automatically create the default Log Analytics workspace and deploy the agent for you.

For new AKS clusters:

az aks create --resource-group myAKSCluster --name myAKSCluster --node-count 1 --enable-addons monitoring --generate-ssh-keys

For existing AKS clusters:

az aks enable-addons -a monitoring -n MyExistingAKSCluster -g MyExistingAKSClusterRG

You can also enable monitoring for your containers by using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.

  • Terraform – Similar to ARM template, if you are using Terraform to deploy AKS clusters, you can enable monitoring right from the template.
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