Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 refresh with Azure PaaS services.

Today, Microsoft announce preview releases of Azure PaaS services for Azure Stack and a refresh to Azure Stack TP3. Last month, company released Azure Stack TP3 and provided additional information about hybrid use cases, the pay-as-you-use business model for Azure Stack, and roadmap updates. If you haven’t already, read Jeffery Snover’s Azure Stack TP3 blog post for more context. Additionally, they put together a whitepaper with an even more detailed roadmap of Azure services, integrated systems details, and initial geo-availability.

This update continues delivering Azure Services on premises so customers can create innovative applications for the hybrid cloud.

Specifically, this release includes:

New to App Service this release:

  • Azure Functions preview for AAD based deployments
  • Deployment in disconnected environments
  • Deployment on ADFS authenticated Azure Stack
  • Installation and deployment improvements
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API version 2016-03-01 support for App Services
  • Synchronization of SKUs with Azure – i.e. Free (F1), Shared (D1), and Standard (S1, S2, S3)
  • Service reliability improvements

Azure Stack TP3 refresh: Based on feedback and several ongoing improvements/bug fixes, we’ve also updated the Azure Stack TP3 software for a better deployment and operational experience. A list of the latest features and improvements to Azure Stack TP3 is now available.

Important Note: If you have already deployed Azure Stack TP3, you will need to redeploy using the updated software before deploying the Azure PaaS services.