Bringing more text analytics to the Bing News Solution Template

Bringing more text analytics to the Bing News Solution Template. Sort and find the articles which are most relevant by filtering based on trending topics, locations, organizations, and people.

Setting up the Solution

Navigate to our installer to get started with setting up the Bing News template. Upon reaching the entities page you are now given the option of bringing your own entities. Selecting Yes will take you to the entities definition page.

You can define entities in two ways – either by uploading your entities or inputting entities directly inside the experience. In this example we defined a list of Microsoft products to follow. Upload entities and point the installer to a CSV on a computer.

byoe01This auto populates Product entity which can now be customized by tweaking the list as well as changing the icon and color associated with it.

Continue adding as many entities as you like.

The end result

Once the template is set up, you can start exploring your reports! You will notice that the Overview page now has both the out of the box entities (like Location) along with your newly added entities.

Customizing your entities

Once your template is set up you can always go back and add new entities or modify the current ones. Currently this can be done by directly modifying the userdefinedentitydefinitions table inside your Azure SQL database.

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