Check out these Minecraft stickers for iOS

Check out these Minecraft stickers for iOS. Mojang team today released Minecraft sticker pack for iMessage on Apple devices. This new Minecraft sticker pack will allow you to chat with your friends on iPhone using Minecraft themed animated stickers. From weepy Ghasts to disgruntled Creepers and pigs in minecarts, this packs contains Minecraft creations for every occasion.

The following stickers are included in this pack:
  • Disgruntled creeper
  • Alex and Steve ready for battle
  • Exploding TNT
  • Rejected iron golem
  • A single diamond
  • Flaming skeleton
  • Enchanted diamond sword
  • Zombie knocking on a door
  • Pig in a minecart
  • Rotten flesh – gross!
  • Alex and Steve doing a high-five
  • Pet wolf being simply adorable
  • Sad ghast
  • Animal taming hearts
  • Diamond helmet
  • Alex nodding
  • Trotting ocelot
  • Steve shaking his head
  • Aggro’d enderman
  • Pickaxe
  • Alex with elytra wings
  • Health bar decreasing
  • A Villager going “Huh?”
  • Potion
  • Cake getting eaten
Minecraft Sticker Pack
Minecraft Sticker Pack
Developer: Mojang
Price: $1.99
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