Configuration Manager Current Branch 1806 KB4465865 released

Configuration Manager Current Branch 1806 KB4465865 released.

The following scenarios are fixed by this hotfix:

  • After you update to Configuration Manager current branch, version 1806, software updates do not download. This failure occurs only in environments that use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on a disconnected (air gapped) network.A change is introduced in version 1806 so that Configuration Manager always looks for express installation CAB files that are, by default, not present in a disconnected WSUS scenario.

    An attempted download occurs for any software update (including non-Windows 10 updates) that contains express installation files. The download attempt also occurs if express installation file support is not enabled.

    Errors that resemble the following are recorded in the Patchdownloader.log file on the site server:
  • For software updates that contain express installation files, Configuration Manager synchronizes the file and distributes it to the client. This behavior occurs even if the client does not require the file for a given deployment.This behavior is mainly cosmetic. It does not involve the complete set of express installation files, only the file.

Note Installing the hotfix will stop the unconditional download attempts for express CAB files. After the hotfix is installed, downloading will occur only if express installation file support is enabled for Windows 10 updates.

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