Configuration Manager OSD error 0xc0000098

Configuration Manager OSD error 0xc0000098 “Your computer needs to be repaired”.


In most cases Configuration Manager OSD error 0xc0000098 caused by missed, expired or wrong Distribution Point certificate.


To resolve this issue you must add new certificate to SCCM Distribution Point:

1. Navigate to Administration\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles\, select server with Distribution Point and open Distribution Point properties;

2. Select Import certificate, click on Browse button and select proper new ceritficate in the network share;

3. Enter ceritificate Password and click OK.

Note: For this operation you must have *.pfx sertificate.

Also you can try delete the existing boot images from SCCM and add new known good ADK boot images for x86 and amd64;

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