Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1903 available

Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1903 available. This release introduces a new cost estimator tool in the Configuration Manager console. The tool uses the following data from your site database to estimate the cost of deploying the cloud management gateway:

  • Aggregate, average client usage of management points and distribution points
  • Azure pricing

You can use Options to include specific device types and content, adjust the number of CMG instances, adjust the percentage of simultaneous roaming clients, or change the Azure region.

This preview release also includes:

Use your distribution point as a local cache server for Delivery Optimization – You can now install Delivery Optimization In-Network Cache server on your distribution points. By caching this content on-premises, your clients can benefit from the Delivery Optimization feature, but you can help to protect WAN links.

Reclaim lock for editing task sequences – now you can clear your lock on a task sequence.

Drill through required updates – you can now drill through compliance statistics to see which devices require a specific software update.

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