Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch Update 1803

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch Update 1803.

Streamlined Infrastructure

  • Pull distribution points support cloud distribution points as source – Now you can set a cloud distribution point as a source for a pull distribution point.
  • Partial download support in client peer cache to reduce WAN utilization – Client peer cache sources can now divide content into parts. These parts minimize the network transfer to reduce WAN utilization.
  • Improvements to PXE-enabled distribution points – You can now configure a PXE-enabled distribution point to use a PXE responder service that supports IPv6 and does not require Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

Improvements in Software Center

  • Custom tab for webpage in Software Center – You can now create a customized tab to open a webpage in Software Center

  • Maintenance windows in Software Center – Software Center now displays the next scheduled maintenance window on the Installation Status tab.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Enable third party software update support on clients – You can now enable configuration of ‘Allow signed updates from an internal Microsoft update service location’ policy and installation of Windows Software Update Services code signing certificates.
  • Enable copy/paste of asset details from monitoring views – You can now enable copy/paste functionality in the asset details pane in deployment and distribution status monitoring views.
  • Remote Control – When you are using remote control on a client with multiple monitors at different DPI scaling, the mouse cursor now correctly maps between the monitors.
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