Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch Update 1804.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Remote site server content library – You can now move the content library on your site server to a remote location.

Site server high availability improvements – A remote site server content library is now a requirement for site server high availability.

Exclude Active Directory containers from discovery – In this preview you can exclude Active Directory sub-containers within the selected discovering container, to reduce the number of discovered objects.

Improvements in Software Center

Specify the visibility of the Application Catalog website link in Software Center – You can now specify the visibility of the Application Catalog web site link in the Installation status node of Software Center.

Uninstall application on approval revocation – When you revoke approval for an application, the client now uninstalls the application.

Improvements in OSD

Mask sensitive data stored in Task Sequence Variables – You can select “Do not display this value” when creating or setting a Task Sequence variable value in the Task Sequence Editor.

Mask program name during Run Command Step of a Task Sequence – You can now prevent potentially sensitive data from being displayed or logged during the ‘Run Command Step’ of a Task Sequence by masking the program name in the smsts.log.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Filter automatic deployment rules by software update architecture – You can now filter automatic deployment rules to exclude architectures like Itanium and ARM64.

Primary user information is now visible in collection view – Primary user information is now visible when viewing the members of a collection under Assets and Compliance, Device Collections.

Submit feedback from the Configuration Manager console (Send a Smile) – With Send a Smile, you can tell the Configuration Manager team directly about your experiences. Sending feedback is very easy. We want to hear all your feedback — problems and suggestions.

Configuration Manager Toolkit – The Configuration Manager Server and Client tools are now included with the Technical Preview. After you install the Technical Preview, you will find them in the cd.latest\SMSSETUP\Tools folder.

Support Center Preview – You can use Support Center for client troubleshooting and real-time log viewing or to capture the state of a Configuration Manager client computer for later analysis. A preview of the latest version of Support Center with bug fixes, improvements, and a preview of our new log viewer is available in the Technical Preview. After you install the Technical Preview, you will find the installer in the cd.latest\SMSSETUP\Tools\SupportCenter folder.