Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1806 released

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1806 released.

The new third-party software updates node allows you to easily subscribe to partner software update catalogs in the Configuration Manager console and publish the updates to the Software Update Point.  You can then deploy these updates to your clients using the familiar software update management process in Configuration Manager. Even better, Configuration Manager will keep things up to date by periodically synchronizing new released updates for your subscribed catalogs.

Additional new features in this preview release include:

Modern Management

Sync MDM policy from Microsoft Intune for a co-managed device – When you switch a co-management workload, the co-managed devices automatically synchronize MDM policy from Microsoft Intune.

Office 365 workload transition in co-management – In this release, you can now transition the Office 365 workload from Configuration Manager to Intune after co-management is enabled.

Microsoft 365 Adoption

Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen settings for Microsoft Edge – This release adds three Windows Defender SmartScreen settings to the Edge browser policies.

Improvements to the Surface dashboard – The Surface dashboard now displays a list of relevant devices when graph sections are selected.

Office Customization Tool integration with the Office 365 Installer – The Office Customization Tool is now integrated with the Office 365 Installer in the Configuration Manager console. When creating a deployment for Office 365, you can now dynamically configure the latest Office manageability settings.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Content from cloud management gateway – Previously cloud distribution points and cloud management gateways had to be deployed as separate roles. Cloud management gateways now can serve content to clients. This functionality reduces the required certificates and cost of Azure VMs.

Simplified client bootstrap command line – There are now even fewer required parameters when bootstrapping the client over cloud management gateway

Software Center infrastructure improvements – Application catalog roles are no longer required to display user-available applications in Software Center.

Improvements in OSD

Removed Network Access Account (NAA) requirement for OSD Boot Media – The network access account is no longer needed for boot media to communicate with the distribution to retrieve content.

Removed Network Access Account (NAA) requirement for Task Sequences – The network access account is no longer needed for Workgroup or AAD joined Windows clients when retrieving content during a task sequence.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Package Conversion Manager – Package Conversion Manager (PCM) is now integrated with Configuration Manger current branch. You can use PCM to convert classic software distribution packages into Configuration Manager current branch applications.

Deploy updates without content – You can now deploy software updates to devices without first downloading and distributing software update content to distribution points.

Currently logged on user information is shown in the console – Currently logged on user information is available to the IT Admin for communication and troubleshooting with the end-user.

Provision Windows app packages for all users on a device – You can now provision an application with a Windows app package for all users on the device. Previously Configuration Manager only supported installing these applications per user.

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