Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1809 released

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1809 released.

This release gives you the ability to visualize your CMPivot results using the Azure Log Analytics render operator. You can now choose from the following types of visualizations: bar chart, column chart, pie chart and time chart. Visualizations help you analyze query results and discover key insights, so you can more quickly answer business questions, troubleshoot issues, and respond to security incidents.

CMPivot now also includes the ability to query and pivot on hardware inventory class information. This not only significantly enhances what can be queried out-of-the-box, but also enables a standardized way to extend CMPivot by adding new hardware inventory class definitions. Even better, CMPivot will immediately render data from the last hardware inventory scan while simultaneously pulling live data from online clients — giving you a view across online and offline devices!

Other improvements to CMPivot include support for scalar functions and scalar operators, and a query summary which displays the status of the query on the device where it was executed. Try it out and let us know what you think about it.

This preview release also includes:

Improvements to the product lifecycle dashboard – You can now view information for the Configuration Manger client on the lifecycle dashboard.

Improvements to data warehouse – Based on your UserVoice feedback, you can now synchronize more tables from the site database to the data warehouse. This change allows you to create more reports based on your business requirements.

Improvements to maintenance windows for software updates – you can now configure a client setting to allow clients to use other available maintenance windows to install software updates when the ‘software update’ maintenance window is also available.

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