Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1810 released

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Update 1810 released.

The new management insights landing page provides a dashboard that allows you to immediately view rules that require action and rules that have been completed and do not require action. A new management insights priority rating helps you decide which rules to investigate by categorizing them in increasing levels of importance from Optional to Recommended to Critical.

The dashboard also includes a management insights index which is a fast way to see how compliant all your rules are to the recommendations. The top 10 rules by priority and age are displayed by default in the All Insights list for you to review, and you can search for rules based on name, group, priority and status.

You can customize the rules that you see on the dashboard and group by priority or completeness by using filters.

This preview release also includes:

Required app compliance policy for co-managed devices – You can now define compliance policy rules in Configuration Manager for required applications. This app assessment is part of the overall compliance state sent to Intune for co-managed devices.

Improvements to driver maintenance – Driver packages now have additional metadata fields to allow you to tag driver packages with information to assist in general housekeeping and to identify old, and duplicate drivers that can be deleted.

Native task sequence support for Windows Autopilot for existing devices – This release introduces a new task sequence template for upgrading existing Windows 7 devices using modern provisioning through Windows Autopilot.

Use Configuration Manager compliance policies to help assess co-managed devices – Use the compliance policies you’ve created in Configuration Manager to determine the compliance status of your co-managed devices. When you check compliance on a co-managed device, Configuration Manager sends policy information to Intune. Software Center shows the results of the combined checks from Intune and Configuration Manager.

New boundary group options – You now have two new settings to configure per boundary group: Prefer distribution points over peers within the same subnet and Prefer cloud distribution points over distribution points. These settings give you more control over content distribution in your environment.

Improvement to Co-management reporting – You can now view an enhanced dashboard with information about Co-management in your environment.

Boundary group relationship support of task sequences – During a task sequence execution, the client is now able to determine the correct order of precedence for content retrieval fallback based on boundary group relationships.

Extended CMPivot – You now have real-time access to extended inventory information for devices in your environment.

New client notification action to wake up device – You can now right click a device or collection and select client notification action to wake up the devices.

Improvements to OData Endpoint Data – Configuration Manager now provides a RESTful OData endpoint for accessing Configuration Manager data.

Documentation node – You can view curated content about System Center Configuration Manager from the Configuration Manager console.

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