Create Computer object in Acive Directory

Create Computer object in Acive Directory. Before I go to deployment my first VM – Enterprise Windows 10, that in future I use for some enterprise things, I need some preparation. First we need to create Active Directory (forest level 2012 R2) object Computer, set name and set user or users group who permit domain join.

1. Run your Active Directory – users & computers console (from Domain Controller or Client PC, for example Windows 10 1607 with RSAT). Go to target “Organization Unit (by expanding your tree);


2. Right Mouse Button click on the Organization Unit or in the Organization Unit (on free space) and select New, after in list select Computer;


3. Next fill parameters:

“Computer name” – name of device in domain (future device name). With accordance your coprorate politics about devices names;

“User or group” – select, who join device to domain (credentials entered on device when joining to domain);

After fill parameters – press OK;


4. Check completed steps;


We make preparations and can go to windows deployment and domain joining.

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