Decay of Logos is set in an expansive fantasy world where the player coexists with the likes of kings, knights, wizards, ancient species and various other mythical creatures. In Decay of Logos, you journey through an ancient kingdom ruled by a warring king. The kingdom is fractured and various members of the royal family want to take the throne (hello Game of Thrones).

Decay of Logos looks similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and has already captivated many gamers at PAX East. The game is a third-person role-playing adventure which focuses on tactical instead of action-focused combat and has deep inventory management mechanics. Just like in The Last Guardian, the core gameplay revolves around the bond with a mystical elk, and exploring what both of them can do for each other will be central to progression.

The protagonist in Decay of Logos is forced into a journey of revenge after her village gets ransacked. Beaten and without knowing who was responsible for the attack, the girl aimlessly wanders through the woods until she collapses. There she teams up with a mystical elk and goes in search of answers. The game starts off from humble beginnings but promises to take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Aside from the announcement trailer, no other information was provided about the status of the project, including a release date. Xbox One owners should definitely keep an eye out on this one!