Deploying Office 365 ProPlus with Microsoft Intune

Deploying Office 365 ProPlus with Microsoft Intune. This development marks the first step towards having simple and enterprise-ready ProPlus deployment capabilities with Intune with more enhancements to come in the near future.

Simplified admin experience

Through the new Intune portal, we have made it easy to add and customize Office 365 ProPlus deployments. After choosing the ‘Office 365 ProPlus Suite (Windows 10)’ app type, you can customize the deployment of Office apps in three easy steps.

First, choose the applications you want to install on end user devices.

Next, configure the application suite’s information. You might want to input a short description of which apps in this suite, if you choose to make it available in the Intune Company Portal.

Finally, configure a few installation settings, such as system architecture or update channel.

Your end users will be able to install Office apps through Intune Company portal, if you’ve made them available, otherwise, users will be able to enjoy a silent install. Once Office is installed on their machines, users will be able to be sign-in and activate the product and experience the latest features as Office is automatically kept up to date by the service.

Note: Currently, this form of Office 365 ProPlus deployment is only supported for devices without an existing version of Office. For devices with existing versions of Office it is recommended to remove all versions of Office prior to enrollment. We are working with Windows and Office teams on future enhancements to support devices with existing Office deployments.

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