Desktop App Converter tool updated in Windows Store. DAC tool enables developers to bring their existing desktop apps written to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Developers can run their desktop installers through the converter in an unattended (silent) mode and obtain an AppX package that they can install by using the Add-AppxPackage PowerShell cmdlet.

What’s New in v1.0.6.0:

  • DAC now automatically uses icons in your app installer to generate visual assets used when your converted app is deployed.
  • With the store app you can now use the new entry point ‘DesktopAppConverter.exe<arguments>’ to run the converter from anywhere in an admin cmd or PowerShell window
  • Support for auto-signing the converted apps produced by the Desktop App Converter.
  • Support for auto-detecting app dependencies on VC++ libraries and then converting them into AppX manifest dependencies.
Desktop App Converter
Desktop App Converter
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free