Domain Password Policy Part 2. In this post, we talk more about “Domain Password Policy” parameters.

1. Enforce password history – how many passwords system will remember. How many unique passwords user must use when every time reset password;

2. Maximum Password Age – how long will password live. After this period user, will be prompted to reset password. (You may set “0” for “unlimited” age time);

3. Minimum Password Age – user may change password after this period. (You may set “0” for “unlimited” age time);

4. Minimum Password Length – how long will be your passwords, but not less this value;

5. Password must meet complexity requirements – you may set this parameter if you need in very strong passwords (small “a” and big “A” letters, digits “1” and special symbols “!“);

6. Store passwords using reversible encryption – by default not used in domain, only if application required.

Best settings for Password Policies in your organization you setup yourself.