DPM Set notifications with office 365 SMTP

DPM Set notifications with office 365 SMTP. (Configuration made in DPM 2019 with IIS 6.0 SMTP Relay on Windows Server 2016)

Step-by-step configuration:

  1. Add SMTP Server Feature (with Server Manager, leave IIS config by default);

2. Create new Local User (needed for DPM relay).

Note: New user can be without group membership.

3. Run Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager;

4. Open server properties;

5. Navigate to Access\Authentification and ensure that Anonymous access is enable;

6. Open Connection and add your local machine IP address to the list;

7. Repeat local machine IP address adding in Relay;

8. Navigate to Delivery\Outbound Security, enable Basic Authentification and enter your Office 365 (or any other email server) username ([email protected]) and password (from which you will get email notifications). Also enable TLS encryption (this is need for mail service like Office 365);

9. Open Outbound connections and set smtp server port in TCP port (for Office 365 this is 587);

10. Open Advanced and set Fully-qualified domain name (your local server FQDN) and Smart host (in my case Office 365 snmp server smtp.office365.com);

11. Navigate to DPM Console\Management\Options and config SMTP Server options:

SMTP server name: your local server FQDN name

SMTP server port: 25

“From” address: email address from wich you send notifications (Office 365 or other mail server email)

Username: .\<localusername> (wich we created early)

Password: localuser password

12. Click Send Test E-mail and check that everything work;

As last step check your email and you must get something like this;

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