First look at the new OneDrive Admin Center (Preview)

First look at the new OneDrive Admin Center (Preview). If your tenant already has been upgraded then you will be able to access your portal with a Global Admin account using the URL

Home Tab
The home tabs shows only the welcome message.

Sharing Tab
On the sharing tab you find all the settings for sharing files outside of your organization. Let users share files outside the company using OneDrive or SharePoint, setting up sharing links and anonymous accces.

The sync tab allows the admin to have control over the syncing settings. Also you have a link for downloading always the latest and newest OneDrive Client and another link to the website to see the latest syncing issues.

Following options can be configured:

  • let users install the sync client from the OneDrive website
  • Allow syncing only PCs joined to specific domain (Enter a GUID for your domain(s))
  • Block syncing of specific file types (Enter file extentions you don’t want. For example mp3)

Use the storage tab to configure the limits of the users storage. Default OneDrive value is 1024 MB. In here you can also set the retention time for accounts that have been marked as deleted.

Device Access
These settings applies to OneDrive an SharePoint.

  • Control Access based on a network location (Enter here your IP addresses or ranges for access to OneDrive. IPv4 & IPv6 is supported)
  • Mobile Application Management trough Intune is supported. You need an Intune license to use this option.

After assigning an Intune license to your GA Account you will be able to modify the settings for device management.

A few regulatory, legal and technical standards for OneDrive can be set here. This part helps to protect your data and preform security standard settings

  • View users activities related to OneDrive – deleted, shared, moved files
  • DLP – Data loss prevention, protect your organizations sensitive data
  • Configure retention policies
  • eDiscovery for emails, documents an Skype for Business conversations
  • Alerting, user and admin logs will be created 
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