New content DLC fot Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road

New content DLC fot Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road. New targets, new vehicles, and a new approach to taking down the cartel are all coming in the Narco Road expansion.

Narco Road features more than 15 new campaign missions, as well as 4 new types of side missions and racing challenges. The more followers you acquire, the more you’ll ingratiate yourself with the gang bosses, and the closer you’ll get to your goal. Along the way, you’ll want to get comfortable with the new vehicles Narco Road is bringing to Bolivia. Muscle cars with nitro boosts, planes built for acrobatic flight, big chopper bikes, and hulking monster trucks will all be available for you to use.

Apart from the main content, Narco Road will introduce 4 outfits and 9 weapons when it launches for season pass holders on April 18. If you don’t own the season pass, it will be available for purchase on April 25 for $15.

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