Groove Music’s refreshed look and get new features

Groove Music’s refreshed look and get new features. The refreshed look brings blur (aka Project NEON) to Groove Music, as well as some other new features. The update was recently released to Insiders in the Release Preview ring, but it’s now coming to all users running the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The update adds a subtle blur to the sidebar of the app, which is possibly part of Microsoft’s Project NEON plans. The update also brings some other major features such as Music Video, and more:

  • Now Playing: Improved user interface on PCs and Mobile devices
  • When you are playing a song that doesn’t have any background image, the album art is shown instead and there’s a blur effect to make it look nice
  • Music videos: Watch music videos for songs that have them.
  • More like this: Instantly add 10 more things to any playlist.
  • Follow playlists: Hear the latest tracks as they’re added to featured playlists.
Groove Music
Groove Music
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
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