Guide Configure Configuration Manager Automatic Client Push Installation

Guide Configure Configuration Manager Automatic Client Push Installation. Use client push installation to install the System Center Configuration Manager client software on computers that Configuration Manager discovered. You can configure client push installation for a site, and client installation will automatically run on the computers that are discovered within the site’s configured boundaries when those boundaries are configured as a boundary group.


1. Start SCCM console. Navigate to Administration\Site Configuration\Sites;

2. Select your SCCM server, in upper menu click Settings\Client Installation Settings\Client push Installation;

3. For General tab, set check mark Enable automatic site-wide client push installation. Select your System Types and Domain Controllers option;

4. For Accounts tab, click to select existing or add new Client Push Installation accounts. I’m already add account for Distribution Point, so I choose Existing Account;

5. Select existing account and click OK;

6. For Installation Properties tab, you may insert optional parameters or leave defaults and click OK;

That’s all!

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