Guide Configure Configuration Manager Distribution Point Role

Guide Configure Configuration Manager Distribution Point Role. In this guide, we configure SCCM Distribution Point Role for software and OSD deployment.

Distribution Point Properties:

1. Open your SCCM Console. Go to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles;

2. Select your target server, select Distribution Point and click Properties in upper menu (or Right Mouse Button and click Properties);

3. For General tab. If you use HTTP don’t forget enable check mark Allow clients to connect anonymously (or you get errors at OSD deployments); Choose option Import certificate, select your Certificate and enter Password;

4. Click Apply and go to PXE tab.

5. For PXE tab. Enable check mark Enable PXE supports for clients, when get message click Yes (remember this message text, it’s may help you).

6. Enable check mark Allow this distribution point to respond to incoming PXE requests. Enable check mark Enable unknown computer support and click OK in pop-up window;

7. If you have several network interfaces, you may choose who respond to PXE. Also, you may set PXE response delay if you need;

8. Click Apply and go to Multicast tab.

9. For Multicast tab. Enable check mark Enable multicast to simultaneously send data to multiple clients;

10. Go to Content Validation tab.

11. For Content Validation tab. Enable check mark Validate content on a schedule;

12. Click button Schedule and make configuration, when complete click OK;

13. Go to Boundary Groups, if you already config groups for this DP you will see it here. Click OK;

14. After some time if you open Server Manager you will notice, that WDS role added;

Network Access Account:

1. Open SCCM Console. Go to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites. Select your site. Click in upper menu Settings\Configure Site Components\Software Distribution;

2. Go to Network Access Account tab, select option Specify the account that access network locations;

3. Click on “sun” button and choose New Account;

4. Enter your service account User name (also may click Browse and select account from Active Directory), Password and Confirm Password, click Verify;

5. Enter path to network share on SCCM server (also may click Browse and select fodler)and click Test connection. In pop-up window click OK.

6. Click OK to close Windows User Account window;

7. Account added, click OK;

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