Guide configure SQL Server 2016 Configuration Manager for Configuration Manager installation.

  1. Login to your system with SQL Server;

2. Go to All programs, find and start SQL Server 2016 Configuration Manager;

3. In the opened console go to SQL Server Network Configuration\Protocols for <your instance name> (as example Protocols for SCCM);

4. Right Mouse Button click on TCP/IP and click Properties;

5. Go to IP Addresses For all IP(X) and IPAll, where you have IP Address, clear TCP Dynamic Ports and enter to TCP Port your <SCCM SQL Port> (in my case 14331). Click OK;

6. In pop-up window click OK;

7. For changes apply we need restart services. Go to SQL Server Services, select SQL Server (<your instance name>) and click button (see screenshot);

8.Restarting begin.

When complete – close console. That’s all!