In this guide, we make some configuration to SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services Configuration Manager for future installation SCCM Reporting Point Role.

  1. Login to your system with SQL Server;

2. In ALL Programs find and run Reporting Services Configuration Manager;

3. At Report Server Instance select your instance (in my case SCCM) and click Connect;

4. For Service Account leave default settings;

5. For Database click Change Database;

6. Select option Create a new report server database and click Next;

7. At Server Name enter <Your SQL Server name>\<Your instance name> and click Test Connection;

8. If test succeed click OK and Next;

9. Enter Database Name and choose Language, click Next;

10. Leave by default Credentials and click Next;

11. For Summary click Next;

12. Database creation begin;

13. When complete click Finish;

14. For Web Service URL enter name of Virtual Directory, enter TCP Port and if you have SSL – config options for SSL. When complete click Apply;

15. Directory created and port reserved;

16. For Web Portal URL enter name of Virtual Directory and click Apply;

17. Directory created and port reserved;

18. For Encryption Keys click Backup;

19. Click button with dots to specify output path and filename. Enter STRONG password and click OK;

20. For finishing all steps, we need restart Reporting Services. Go to <Server name>\<instance name> and click Stop;

21. After that click Start;

22. We make all configurations for future SCCM Reporting Point Role installation and may close console.

Don’t forget make another backup of your encryption key (as example to OneDrive).