Guide Configure Windows Server 2012 R2 DNS Role.

  1. Launch the DNS management console from the Tools drop down in Server Manager;

2. When DNS was installed, a forward lookup zone for was automatically created. The forward lookup zone maintains the mapping of hostnames to IP addresses;

3. However, a reverse lookup zone is not automatically created. This must be done manually. The reverse lookup zone maintains the mapping of IP addresses to host names (essentially, the reverse);

4. Right-click on Reverse Look Zone and select New Zone;

5. Click Next;

6. Select Primary zone as this will be created on this DNS server;

7. Leave as default (or config for your environment) and click Next;

8. Select IPv4 Reverse Lookup Zone;

9. For this lab environment, a network ID of 192.168.0.X is used;

10. Leave default Allow only secure dynamic updates, click Next;

11. Click Finish;

12. Once the Reverse lookup zone is created, we need to create a PTR record for the domain controller.

13. Right-click on Reverse lookup zone and select New Pointer (PTR);

14. Click the Browse button;

15. Select the domain controller. Browse the forward lookup zone for the newly created domain. Select the domain controller from your forward lookup zone and click OK;

16. Confirm the information and click OK;

17. The reverse PTR record will be created.