Guide Disable Windows Creators Update notice for users with GPO and SCCM

Guide Disable Windows Creators Update notice for users with GPO and SCCM. A message similar to the following may be displayed in Windows Update settings on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

This article describes how to prevent display of this message to your users.

With GPO:

1. Start Group Policy Management console;

2. Right Mouse Button click on GPO Object and click Edit;

3. Navigate to Computer Management\Prefereces\Windows Settings\Registry;

4. Right Mouse Button click on registry and click New\Registry Item;

5. For Action select Create;

6. For Hive select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;

7. For Key Path enter:


8. For Value Name:


9. For Value Type select REG_DWORD, for Value Data enter 1, for Base choose Decimal. Click OK;

10. Update GPO on target machine and check registry;

P. S. Also you can set in Common tab check mark Apply once and do not reapply;

With SCCM:

1. Start SCCM Console. Navigate to Assets and Compliance\Compliance Settings\Configuration Items. Click Create Configuration Item in upper menu;

2. Enter Name and click Next;

3. Set check mark on Windows 10 and click Next;

4. Click New;

5. Fill out fields like on screenshot;

6. Navigate to Compliance Rules and click New;

7. Fill out fields like on screenshot and click OK;;

8. Click OK;

9. Click Next;

10. Click Next;

11. Click Next;

12. Click Close;

13. Create Configuration Baselines;

14. Enter Name and click Add\Configuration Items;

15. Select early created item and click Add;

16. Click OK;

17. Click OK;

18. Deploy Configuration Baselines;

19. And check our work (if you delete or change registry key it created again when baseline evaluate);

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