Guide Import Windows 10 image to Configuation Manager for future OSD deployment. Also, works with older Windows distributive.

1. Mount *.iso or DVD with Windows 10 installation files. Navigate to <Drive Letter>:\sources and copy install.wim to your SCCM server. As example, I copied it to D:\Deploy\Windows 10 EDU EN 1607 folder;

2. Open SCCM Console and navigate to Software Library\Operating Systems\Operating System Images, click Add Operating System Image in upper menu;

3. Click Browse or just enter path to early copied file in UNC format (as network share);

4. Select install.wim and click Next;

5. Add more information about image and click Next;

6. Click Next;

7. Click Close;

8. Right Mouse Button click on newly added image and select Distribute Content;

9. Click Next;

10. Add Distribution Point at which you store content and click Next;

11. Click Next;

12. Click Close;

13. Wait some time, you must see Content Status as Success. (There is Refresh button in upper menu).