Guide Install Office365 Pro Plus with Configuration Manager Office 365 Installer

Guide Install Office365 Pro Plus with Configuration Manager Office 365 Installer.

NOTE: Perfectly work with CB 1702 and TP 1703, in early versions you may get errors. If you get some error – check

Office 365 Installer config:

1. Start SCCM Console. Navigate to Software Library\Office 365 Client Management;

2. Click Office 365 Installer;

3. For Application Settings, enter Name and Path to empty folder at network share. Click Next;

4. For Import Client Settings, select option Manually specify the Office 365 client settings. (also, you can import prepared configuration.xml). Click Next;

5. For Client Products, select products for installation. Click Next;

6. For Client Settings, Select Architecture, Channel, Version, add Languages. Also, you can config additional Properties. Click Next;

7. For Deployment, select option Yes (or you can select No and deploy it later). Click Next;

8. Select Collection for deployment and click Next;

9. Add Distribution Point and click Next;

10. Specify Settings for deployment and click Next;

11. For Scheduling, click Next (or config schedule);

12. Config User Experience and click Next;

13. Config Alerts and click Next;

14. For Summary, click Next;

15. Office setup files download start;

16. Complete, click Close;

17. Navigate to Software Library\Application Management\Applications;

18. There you can config application settings, as example Application Catalog tab;

NOTE: Icon for Application Catalog 250×250;

Test Deploy:

1. Open Software Center;

2. Select your Office 365 app and click Install;

3. Installation complete;

P.S.This is what you get in created early folder if deploy Office 365 Installer (similar to older deploy method);

This is Office 365 Client Management after deploying;

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