In this guide, we install SCCM Software Update Point Role. Before begin you must install Windows Server WSUS Role, run WSUS console and cancel it start-up configuration.


1. Start your SCCM console and go to Administration\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles;

2. Select server where you plan deploy role. Right Mouse Button click and click Add Site System Roles;

3. For General, click Next;

4. For Proxy, click Next;

5. For System Role Selection, select Software update point and click Next;

6. For Software Update Point, select right option for your WSUS Configuration. Click Next;

7. For Proxy and Account Settings, click Next;

8. For Synchronization Source, make changes as you need (by default Synchronize from Microsoft Update) and click Next;

9. For Synchronization Schedule, set check mark Enable synchronization on a schedule. Config schedule by selecting option Custom schedule and clicking button Customize. Set check mark Alert when synchronization fails on any site in the hierarchy and click Next;

10. For Supersedence Rules, config superseded period (also you may set check mark Run WSUS cleanup wizard), click Next;

11. For Update Files, select best option for your needs and click Next;

12. For Classifications, set check mark on All classifications. When Upgrades selected, message appear, click OK;

13. Click Next;

14. For Products, set check mark All Products;

15. Then deselect this check mark and choose one product (this is speed up first-time synchronization). Click Next;

16. For Languages, select languages for downloaded updates, click Next;

17. For Summary, click Next;

18. For Completion, click Close;

19. Travel to Software Library\Software Updates\All Software Updates and click Synchronize Software Updates in upper menu;

20. In pop-up window click Yes;

21. Run WSUS Console from apps list. As you see Synchronization started. When complete repeat steps 19-20;

22. Travel to Monitoring\Distribution Status\Software Update Point Synchronization Status, as you see synchronization is in progress;

23. When synchronization complete – green icon appear;

24. Travel to Software Library\Software Updates\All Software Updates and check synchronized updates.