Guide Install SCCM Software Update Point Role

Guide Install SCCM Software Update Point Role. In this guide, we install SCCM Software Update Point Role. Before begin you must install Windows Server WSUS Role, run WSUS console and cancel it start-up configuration.


1. Start your SCCM console and go to Administration\Site Configuration\Servers and Site System Roles;

2. Select server where you plan deploy role. Right Mouse Button click and click Add Site System Roles;

3. For General, click Next;

4. For Proxy, click Next;

5. For System Role Selection, select Software update point and click Next;

6. For Software Update Point, select right option for your WSUS Configuration. Click Next;

7. For Proxy and Account Settings, click Next;

8. For Synchronization Source, make changes as you need (by default Synchronize from Microsoft Update) and click Next;

9. For Synchronization Schedule, set check mark Enable synchronization on a schedule. Config schedule by selecting option Custom schedule and clicking button Customize. Set check mark Alert when synchronization fails on any site in the hierarchy and click Next;

10. For Supersedence Rules, config superseded period (also you may set check mark Run WSUS cleanup wizard), click Next;

11. For Update Files, select best option for your needs and click Next;

12. For Classifications, set check mark on All classifications. When Upgrades selected, message appear, click OK;

13. Click Next;

14. For Products, set check mark All Products;

15. Then deselect this check mark and choose one product (this is speed up first-time synchronization). Click Next;

16. For Languages, select languages for downloaded updates, click Next;

17. For Summary, click Next;

18. For Completion, click Close;

19. Travel to Software Library\Software Updates\All Software Updates and click Synchronize Software Updates in upper menu;

20. In pop-up window click Yes;

21. Run WSUS Console from apps list. As you see Synchronization started. When complete repeat steps 19-20;

22. Travel to Monitoring\Distribution Status\Software Update Point Synchronization Status, as you see synchronization is in progress;

23. When synchronization complete – green icon appear;

24. Travel to Software Library\Software Updates\All Software Updates and check synchronized updates.

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