In this Guide, we install Windows Server 2012 R2 WSUS Role for SCCM 2012 installation.

  1. When Server Manager start, click Add roles and features;

2. For Installation Type leave by default Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next;

3. For Server Selection Select your server and click Next;

4. For Server Roles select Windows Server Update Services;

5. In pop-up window click Add features;

6. Click Next;

7. For Features click Next;

8. For WSUS click Next;

9. For Role Services (WSUS Services selected by default) select Database (if you have SQL Server) or WID Database (if you don’t have SQL Server) and click Next;

10. For Content select folder on your system for WSUS data and click Next;

11. For DB Instance enter <Your SQL Server name>\<Your SQL Instance name> and click Check connection;

12. If connection tested Successfully click Next;

13. For Confirmation click Install;

14. Installation begin;

15. When complete click Close;

16. After that go to appear yellow symbol and click on Launch Post-Installation tasks;