Guide Install Windows Server 2012 R2

In this Guide, we install Windows Server 2012 R2. I make classic guide with physical PC and DVD. But it’s also work with removable device and Virtual machines.

1. Download Windows Server *.iso and burn it to DVD or Flash (or external HDD, yeah it’s work)!

2. Start up your machine, go to BIOS (F2 or Del on your keyboard). Carefully config all options for best productivity of your machine. When you config all options, go to BOOT section and set your device with Windows Server as First Boot;

3. Find options like Exit Saving Changes or press F10 button and choose “Yes”;

4. After reboot machine will show you next;

5. Config all options, as you need, and click Next button;

6. In the next screen click Install now button;

7. As next step you must select the needed version and click Next button;

NOTE: You may choose next versions from one distributive: Standard or Datacenter (in core or with GUI both); If you need more search blog about 2012 R2 licensing.

8. At next screen accept license terms and click Next button;

9. We make clean install, so we choose second option Custom: Install Windows only (advanced);

10. Select Drive for installation and click Next button;

NOTE: If you use old RAID adapter and don’t see any drives – download drives for it, place on flash disk and insert. Next click Load driver and choose right folder.

11. Installation starts;

12. When finished – system restart;

13. You may see this message, don’t touch anything at this moment;

14. Enter password (STRONG PASSWORD) and click Finish button;

15. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE (mouse click or keyboard don’t work);

16. Enter your password and login-in;

17. System is installed!

18. Don’t forget reboot, go to BIOS and set Hard Drive as first boot.

  • Install Windows Server 2012 R2 100%
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