Guide Configuration Manager client version upgrade installation

Guide Configuration Manager client version upgrade installation. You can upgrade the client on Windows computers using client installation methods or the automatic client upgrade features in Configuration Manager. The following client installation methods are valid ways to upgrade client software on Windows computers:

  • Group policy installation
  • Logon script installation
  • Manual installation
  • Upgrade installation

How-to do upgrade installation:

1. Start SCCM Console. Navigate to Administration\Site Configuration\Sites. Select your site and click in upper menu Hierarchy Settings;

2. Navigate to Client Upgrade tab;

3. Enable check mark Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client. In pop-up window click OK.

4. Set days at Automatically upgrade clients within days and click OK.


A computer must be running to upgrade the client. If a computer isn’t running when it’s scheduled to receive the upgrade, the upgrade does not occur. Instead, when the computer is restarted, another upgrade is scheduled for a random time within the number of days allowed. If this occurs after the number of days to upgrade has expired, the upgrade will be scheduled to occur at a random time within 24 hours after the computer has been restarted.

Because of this behavior, computers that are routinely shut down at the end of the workday may take a longer to upgrade than expected if the randomly scheduled upgrade time isn’t within the normal working hours.

Also, you may use Pre-production collection to test new client version in your infrastructure before all clients upgrade. Beginning in version 1610, if you want to exclude clients from being upgraded, click Exclude specified clients from upgrade and specify the collection to exclude.

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