Configuration Manager The Software Change returned Error Code 0X87D0070C. I’m get this error when trying install KB3213522 for Windows Server 2016. This cumulative update is available for deployment using the software updates into Configuration Manager.

When trying to install this update with SCCM gets a failed status in Software Center.

When looking at the error details, get:

   “The software change returned error code 0X87D0070C (-2016409844)

This get translated to : “Software update execution timeout”.

Looking at the Software Update properties in SCCM (Software Library – Software Update – All Software update), we can see that this error is set to a maximum run time of 10 minutes.

This update is considered as a “Standard” update which get a maximum run time of 10 minutes.

Change the value of “Maximum Run Time” to 60 minutes and click OK.

Relaunch the installation. The update will install correctly.