Happy 15th Birthday DOTNET

Happy 15th Birthday DOTNET. On February 13th, 2002, the first version of .NET was released as part of Visual Studio.NET.

Since the beginning, the .NET platform has allowed developers to quickly build and deploy robust applications, starting with Windows desktop and web server applications in 2002. ASP.NET was introduced as the next generation Active Server Pages for web-based development, and a new language, C# came to be.

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 coming on March 7th and Visual Studio’s 20th anniversary, .NET Core tools reach 1.0. We caught up with Anders Hejlsberg, father of the C# language, to share some stories and thoughts on .NET, open source, and the release:

Share your story about .NET and Visual Studio with hash tags #MyVSstory #dotnet. Show your .NET pride with a t-shirt, sticker, or mug. Or bake a cake, eat it with your development team, and share it with on twitter @dotnet!

– The .NET Team

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