How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 2

How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 2. In the Part 1 we prepare Office folder and “configuration.xml“. Go father to download offline Office files.

1, Rename “configuration.xml” to “Download.xml“, make copy and rename copy to “Install.xml“:

sccmofficept212. Create new text file in the C:\OfficeProPlusEmp folder (Right Mouse Button click in the folder):

sccmofficep223. After creating you may set new name or use default. (I use default):

sccmofficep234. Open newly created file and paste:

setup.exe /download Download.xml

sccmofficept225. Save file as *.bat. Click at File, then Save As… . In the opened window – set “Save as type:All Files, File name:Download.bat and click “Save“:

sccmofficep246. After step “5” delete early created “New Text Document

7. After running newly created “Download.bat” – Office 365 Pro Plus start download offline content and create new sub-folder “Office”.

sccmofficep268. When download complete – the black window autoclose. Check downloaded content.


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