In the past parts, we prepare Office 365 ProPlus content for deploying with SCCM. In this part, we create our application for future Office deploy.

Farther I use System Center Configuration Manager 1610. (This is work enterprise deploy, not LAB).

1. Run your SCCM console;

2. Go to “Software Library“;

sccmofficept413. Click on “Application Management“;

sccmofficept424. On the “ApplicationsRight Mouse Button click and select “Create Application“;

sccmofficept435. In the pop-up window select “Manually specify the application information” and press “Next“;

sccmofficept446. Fill your Application information and press “Next” (Parameter “Name” – this name show in your application list in SCCM console);

sccmofficept457. Add more language to showing in “Software Center” for end-users;

sccmofficept468. Add languages and press “OK

sccmofficept499. Set icon (icon must be 250X250 or smaller) that will be showing in the “Software Center” on your application;

sccmofficept4710. Add “Application name” and “Localized description” for displaying your application in “Software Center“. When filling out information for all languages – press “Next“;

sccmofficept4811. At the stage “Deployments Types” only press “Next“. We add deployment type in another part;

sccmofficept41012. Check information and press “Next“;

sccmofficept41113. All sings good. Press “Close“;

sccmofficept412In the next parts, we add “Deployment Types” and Deploy Office 365 ProPlus.

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