How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 6 Deployment Types Part 2

How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 6 Deployment Types Part 2. In this part, we continue second half part of “Deployments Types“. After this in the next parts we “Distribute Content” and “Deploy” our Office 365 ProPlus application.

1. Continues after Step 11 in the first half of “Deployments Types with stop on the “Detection Method“. Press on the “Add Clause” to add detection method;

sccmofficept612. In the “Setting Type” parameter set “Registry“. In the “Hive” parameter “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE“. In the “Key” parameter insert string:


In the “Value” parameter enter:


Set check mark “This registry key is associated with a 32-bit application on 64-bit systems” (if you use 32-bit office). “Data Type” parameter set to “String“. Then select “This registry setting must satisfy the following rule to indicate the presence of this application“. “Operator” parameter set to “Equals“. In the “Value” enter your Office 365 ProPlus version (in my case 16.0.7466.2038). Then press “OK

sccmofficept623. After Step “2” press “Next“;

sccmofficept634. Configure your “User Experience” for your deployment (I deploy for system). Parameter “Installation program visibility” set to “Normal“, so users will see that installation work. In the “Estimated installation time (minutes)” set how long it take to install application (this will display in “Software Center” for users). Press “Next“;

sccmofficept645. In the “Requirements” you may add requirements for your deployment (like OS version, disk size or memory size). Than press “Next“;

sccmofficept656. At the “Dependencies” press “Next“;

sccmofficept667. At the “Summary” page check information and press “Next“;

sccmofficept678. At the “Completion” press “Close“;

sccmofficept689. Press “OK” at the showed page;

sccmofficept69We almost do our mission to deploy Office 365 ProPlus with SCCM.

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