How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 7

How to deploy Office 365 Pro Plus with SCCM Part 7. We almost rich the end of our deployment. In this part, we “Distribute Content” to the “Distribution Point“.

1. Open SCCM Console.

2. Go to “Software Library“;

sccmofficept413. Click on the “Applications Management” and then “Applications“;

sccmofficept514. Right Mouse Button click on the out “Office 365 ProPlus” application and select “Distribute Content“;

sccmofficept715. Press “Next“;

sccmofficept726. Press “Next“;

sccmofficept737. Then click on the “Add” button and select “Distribution Point“;

sccmofficept758. Select your Distribution Point and press “OK“;

sccmofficept769. Press “Next”;

sccmofficept7710. Again press next (after information check);

sccmofficept7811. All good, press “Close“;

sccmofficept7912. After some time check result of Distribution.

sccmofficept710We at one step from finish line.

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