We almost rich the end of our deployment. In this part, we “Distribute Content” to the “Distribution Point“.

1. Open SCCM Console.

2. Go to “Software Library“;

sccmofficept413. Click on the “Applications Management” and then “Applications“;

sccmofficept514. Right Mouse Button click on the out “Office 365 ProPlus” application and select “Distribute Content“;

sccmofficept715. Press “Next“;

sccmofficept726. Press “Next“;

sccmofficept737. Then click on the “Add” button and select “Distribution Point“;

sccmofficept758. Select your Distribution Point and press “OK“;

sccmofficept769. Press “Next”;

sccmofficept7710. Again press next (after information check);

sccmofficept7811. All good, press “Close“;

sccmofficept7912. After some time check result of Distribution.

sccmofficept710We at one step from finish line.

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