Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 1 Compact, Convert

Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 1 Compact, Convert. In this post, we talk about some operations with Virtual Disks from “Hyper-V Manager“.

1. Run your “Hyper-V Manager” and click on “Edit Disk“;

hvvd12. Press “Next“;

hvvd23. Click on “Browse” to select your disk for operations;

hvvd34. After Disk selected press “Next“;

hvvd45. First option “Compact” (this is simplest operation). Press “Next“;

hvvd56. At next page press “Finish“;

hvvd67. Second option “Convert” (change your Virtual Disk format, *.vhd or *.vhdx). Press “Next“;

hvvd78. Select format for final format. Press “Next“;

hvvd89. Select type of Virtual Disk.

In enterprise is Best Practice – use Virtual Disk type “Fixed size“.

Make choice and press “Next“;

hvvd910. Click on “Browse” to select final name and destination of Virtual Disk;

hvvd1011. Do this and press “Save“;

hvvd1112. If it’s ok – press “Next“;

hvvd1213. Press “Finish” to run this operation.

hvvd13In the next posts, we discuss “Expand” and “Shrink” operations with Virtual Disks.

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