Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 2 Expand Part 1

Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 2 Expand Part 1. In this part, we continue Hyper-V Virtual Disk Operations. Let’s “Expand our “Virtual Disk“.

1. Run Hyper-V Manager and click at “Inspect Disk” and select target “Virtial Disk” to show information about it. Click “Close” button;

hvmanexpdisk12. We have 60 GB VHDX, Expand it. Click at “Edit Disk” in Hyper-V Manager; Click “Next” button;

hvmanexpdisk23. Click “Browse” button and select target “Virtual Disk“;

hvmanexpdisk34. After selecting click “Next” button;

hvmanexpdisk45. Select “Expand” option and click “Next” button;

hvmanexpdisk56. Enter new size and click “Next” button, i’m set 80 GB. (You must have free space to do this);

hvmanexpdisk67. Check final information and click “Finish” button;

hvmanexpdisk78. Let’s “Inspect Disk” again. As we see – it now 80 GB size.

hvmanexpdisk8But when you Login-in to system you will see, that size of Disk is not changed. Go to Expand Part 2 to finish this operation.

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