Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 2 Expand Part 2. To finish Virtual Disk Expanding we must do some operations in VM.

1. Connect to VM, which Virtual Disk we “Expand“. Login-in (user must have “Local Administrator Rights“) and open “This PC“;

hvmanexpdiskpt212. As we see it’s 60 GB (old size) but not 80 GB. Close “This PC“. Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “Disk Management“;

hvmanexpdiskpt223. After “Disk Management” console open you will see “Unallocated” space on Disk (20 GB);

hvmanexpdiskpt234. Right Mouse Button click on Disk “(C:)” and select “Extend Volume“;

hvmanexpdiskpt245. Click “Next” button;

hvmanexpdiskpt256. It’s show up space for extending. Click “Next” button;

hvmanexpdiskpt267. Click “Finish” to apply changes;

hvmanexpdiskpt278. As we see – Disk extended to 80 GB, close “Disk Management” console;

hvmanexpdiskpt289. Open “This PC” again. Hooray “Local Disk (C:)” now have 80 GB size.