Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 3 Shrink Part 1. Part 1 of the last post about Hyper-V Manager Virtual Disk Operations – Shrink. There are no build-in functions to “Shrink” Disks, but it’s possible.

1. Run Hyper-V Manager and make sure your “Virtual Machine” (VM) with target “Virtual Disk” is in “Off” state. Close Hyper-V Manager;

hvmvdoppt112. Open “Disk Management” on the Hyper-V computer (local pc). Right Mouse Button click on “Start” button and select “Disk Management“;

hvmvdoppt123. After “Disk Management” console open, go to upper menu. Click “Action” and then “Attach VHD“;

hvmvdoppt134. Click “Browse” to select target “Virtual Disk” file;

hvmvdoppt145. After selecting click “OK” button;


6. We connected “Virtual Disk“;

hvmvdoppt167. Right Mouse Button click on the connected Disk and select “Shrink Volume“;

hvmvdoppt178. Enter size in MB (Megabytes) to shrink from Disk. Click “Shrink” button;

hvmvdoppt189. Perfect, shrinking is successful;

hvmvdoppt1910. Right Mouse Button click on your “Virtual Disk” and select “Detach VHD“;

hvmvdoppt11011. Click “OK” button and close “Disk Management” console;