Hyper-V Virtual Disk operations Part 3 Shrink Part 2. In Part 1 we make some operations to shrink “Virtual Disk“, but in system it doesn’t change. Let’s finish with this.

1. Run your Hyper-V Manager and click at “Edit Disk...”;

hvmshvdpt212. Click “Next” button;

hvmshvdpt223. Click “Browse” button to select target “Virtual Disk“;

hvmshvdpt234. After selecting Disk click “Next” button;

hvmshvdpt245. As you see we get new option “Shrink“, select it and click “Next” button;

Option “Shrink” available if “Virtual Disk” has “Unalocated” space.

hvmshvdpt256. Enter new size and click “Finish” button;

hvmshvdpt267. Inspect our “Virtual Disk” again, now it’s 41 GB;

hvmshvdpt278. In the system;

hvmshvdpt289. Hooray, we get, that we need.