Install Active Directory role in Windows Server 2016 Part 2

Install Active Directory role in Windows Server 2016 Part 2. In Part 1 we install “Active Directory” role, next step – make some configurations to finish work.

1. After role installation complete you will see yellow triangle in upper menu. Click on it show next list, click “Promote this server to a domain controller” (to make this device DC);

2. Select “Add a new forest” (in my case this is new DC and new forest), enter “Root domain name” (this is our future domain). Click “Next” button;

3. Select your:

  • Forest functional level;
  • Domain functional level;

Type DSRM password (make it strong, needed for future restore if it fell) and click “Next” button;

4. If you have parent DNS click “Show more“;

5. Read short text about DNS delegation and click “OK” button.If need- create DNS delegation. If you don’t need to “Create DNS delegation” (like I) – click “Next” button;

6. Enter “The NetBIOS domain name” of your domain and click “Next” button;

7. If need – specify the location of AD DS objects, click “Next” button;

8. Read summary information, and if all OK click “Next” button;

9. After checking prerequirements click “Install“;

10. Installation began;

11. After installation complete you get pop-up about “Signed out” and system restarting. You may click “Close” button or wait restarting;

12. System restart;

13. After restarting you will see, that you able to login as “Domain Administrator“;

14. After login to system, when “Server Manager” console show up you will see installed role “AD DS“;

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