Install SCCM 1606 Part 2

Install SCCM 1606 Part 2. Continue SCCM 1606 Server installation.

1. Enter your “Site code” (for identification server in hierarchy). Enter “Site name“. Don’t forget set check mark on “Install the Configuration Manager console“. Click “Next” button;

2. If you don’t have existing SCCM hierarchy select option “Install the primary site as a stand-alone site“. Click “Next” button;

3. Read the pop-up window and click “Yes” button;

4. Enter your “SQL Server name (FQDN)“, “Instance name“, “Database name“. You may change “Service Broker Port” (this is not the same port for SCCM communication with SQL, as example I use 14331 as SQL communication port). Click “Next” button;

5. Select path for your “SQL Server Data and Logs” (it’s setup automatically from your SQL installation). Click “Next” button;

6. Leave default server for “SMS Provider” (server where you make installation). Click “Next” button;

7. Choose option “Configure the communication method on each site system role“. (If you have “PKI Infrastructure” select first option). Click “Next” button;

8. Select points for installation and if you have PKI select “Client connection – HTTPS“, if not have PKI – “Client connection – HTTP“. Click “Next” button;

9. Click “Next” button;

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