Install SCCM requirements Part 2 AD Schema Extension Part 1

Install SCCM requirements Part 2 AD Schema Extension Part 1. In continuation of installing SCCM requirements and configuration our Infrastructure we need extend “Active Directory Schema“. AD Schema extending – SCCM requirements.

From TechNet:

When you extend the Active Directory schema for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, you can publish site information to Active Directory Domain Services. Extending the Active Directory schema is optional for Configuration Manager. However, by extending the schema you can use all Configuration Manager features and functionality with the least amount of administrative overhead.

If you decide to extend the Active Directory schema, you can do so before or after you run Configuration Manager Setup.

So how to extend “Active Directory Schema“.

1. Login to your “Domain Controller Schema Master“. Mount “*.iso” with SCCM installation files. Go to “<drive letter>\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64” and run “extadsch.exe“;

2. After step “1” go to “C:\” and open “ExtADSch.log” if all good you must see next string;

3. Open your apps list and run “ADSI Edit“;

4. Right Mouse Button click on “ADSI Edit” and select “Connect to“;

5. Leave defaults and click “OK” button;

6. Find “CN=System” in the list. Right Mouse Button click on “CN=System“, select “New” and then “Object“;

7. In the list select “Container” and click “Next” button;

8. Enter “ValueSystem Management and click “Next” button;

9. Click “Finish” button;

Go to Part 2 to finish extending.

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